About Us

Opsil LTD is a successor of the traditions of production of semiconductor materials dating back to the 1980s.
The initial production has been of gallium arsenide (GaAs) monocrystal, sawed and polished wafers. Subsequently the production of Gallium phosphite (GaP) and Indium phosphite (InP) monocrystal, sawed and polished wafers has been promoted.
From the mid-80s of the last century the production of  monocrystalline Silicon for electronics, optics and photovoltaics has started.

OPSIL Ltd. currently has got 3 pulling machins for  monocrystalline Silicon, sawing machine , machines for external grinding; inside sliding machines; annealing furnace,  faceting machine, measuring equipment for input and output control. The staff consists of highly qualified workers with many years of experience in this production field.
Our company products are being sold in Israel, Germany, France, Sweden, UK, South Korea and  USA.