Technological capabilities

1. Pulling of Monocrystalline Silicon

We have got 3 pulling machins for  monocrystalline Silicon by the Czochralski method with maximum diameter Ф165 mm. Production capacity – 1500 kg/month.  Materials and consumables from proven producers in the industry are used in our production, which guarantees the production of crystals with required purity and properties. Our extensive production experience, in a combination with application of state-of-the-art technologies and practices, allows us to produce crystals of high purity and quality meeting the requirements of our customers.

2. Cutting of the crystal

After having pulled the crystal out, it is placed in the sawing machine, where the initial and the end cone are being cut out. Thereafter, the cylindrical part is cut-to-length, as requested.  Diamond discs for peripheral sawing are used for cutting.

3. Surface grinding of the crystal

Depending on the customers’ orders, the  crystals are being ground on the outside diameter of a diamond   peripheral sawing disk. We have got three centre grinders with a total monthly capacity 2000 kg. Maximum ground diameter – Ф200 mm. Accuracy 0.03 mm. Surface roughness - Ra ˂ 0.25.

4. Slicing into wafers

After the surface grinding, the crystal is sliced into wafers with a thickness according to customer’s specifications. Sawing machines with diamond impregnated blade are used for the slicing. We have got 5 sawing machines with a monthly capacity 2500 kg. Maximum diameter Ф152 mm. Wafer thickness up to 80 mm. Slicing accuracy   ± 25 microns.

5. Squaring of the crystal

A squaring machine with two blades for outside cutting is used for this operation. Capacity – 2000 kg/month.   It produces rectangular ingots with a maximum diagonal of 200 mm.  

6. Lapping

Wafers with maximum dimensions 200x200 mm are being lapped. Capacity – 1000 kg/month. Surface roughness – ˂ Ra 0.1.

7. Edge grinding

We can facet blanks with a diameter up to150 mm, and also rectangular wafers.    Facet dimension – up to 5 mm. Edge grinding accuracy 0,1 mm.